Osprey Cam
Courtesy of the Chesapeake Conservancy

Keep tabs on the advenures of osprey couple "Tom and Audrey" as they journey back from South America to their home on the Chesapeake Bay! Watch along as they build a nest on an all new platform.

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The Chesapeake Conservancy connects people to the Chesapeake and its great rivers by creating public access. The Osprey Cam is part of that initiative. It makes it possible for everyone, both near and far from the bay's shores, to observe the life of the ospreys and see how connected they are to the place in which they live.

The osprey themselves illustrate the importance of another important part of the Conservancy's mission – to conserve connected corridors of forests, fields, and marshes along the bay shores and the river shores. These connected lands, called conservation corridors, provide habitat for many plants and animals and keep the ecosystems in which they live healthy and productive.

Without healthy habitat, magnificent animals like the osprey cannot survive. You can learn more about the Chesapeake Conservancy and its work at www.chesapeakeconservancy.org. The Osprey Camera was made possible thanks to the contributions of Skyline Technology Solutions, Earth Security Electronics, Investigative Options Inc., and the Shared Earth Foundation.