MPT Presents Chesapeake Bay Week

April 22-28, 2018

Change is coming to Chesapeake Bay. The question is, will it be change that moves the nation’s largest estuary closer to restoration, or further from it?

programs_chesapeakebaybridge.jpg Several programs this Bay Week expose issues that are important for everyone who lives in the Chesapeake Bay region. Healing Baltimore’s Harbor: A Pipe Dream? will explore ongoing water pollution caused by the city’s chronically-leaking underground sewer infrastructure, and what citizens are doing about it. High Tide in Dorchester journeys across southern Dorchester County to document the unmistakable signs that sea level rise has arrived in Maryland. Frank Sesno hosts The Chesapeake Bay Summit 2018 -- a conversation among world renowned Chesapeake Bay experts who gather to discuss Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in the bay, and what it could mean for the bay’s fragile chemistry, its wildlife, and the people who live along its shoreline.

Yet despite the uncertainty that comes with change, there’s still a lot to celebrate about the Chesapeake Bay. Namely, its tradition. In Eatin’ the Chesapeake: The Five Feasts, MPT canvasses the state in search of some of the finest in Chesapeake dishes – from colonial cookbooks, crab shacks, German home-kitchen cooks, to southern Maryland farms, Eastern Shore chicken-fry kitchens and Smith Island fresh-off-the-boat Chesapeake supper tables. So pull up a chair and sample the best dishes the Chesapeake region has to offer!

There are many more programs to see during Chesapeake Bay Week about our Bay and its way of life. Simply check our program schedule to see them all.

The Chesapeake Bay is a vital natural resource that’s part of the rich cultural fabric of Maryland. It supports our livelihoods, yields delightfully bright flavors, offers recreation and relaxation, provides critical access to transportation and trade, and holds cherished memories for countless maritime enthusiasts.

As an important part of our state’s history and identity, MPT celebrates the bay and highlights its most critical issues during our annual Chesapeake Bay Week. Held every April, this special week features programs that spotlight the heritage and splendors of the bay – as well as efforts to protect its fragile health for generations to come.